The Addiction Phase

Okay, so blogging becomes addictive it’s a proven fact, I have references. my next completely random post is about, Addiction to blogging and possible really bad horror movie remakes, but who knows what will happen.

Addiction to Blogging

barney-stinson-302Wow i’m doing titles that’s new. The Addiction to blogging is scientifically proven by a seinfeldist name Cosmo, he would know with 9 years in the field of science and various failed attempts, Doctor Cosmo Kramer has finally proven, that blogging is addictive and that condoms can be defective some of the time, with all this scientific proof, who would thekramerdoubt this man, the expert in the field, even since the humble beginnings of such blogged media. other references are Barney Stinson and I hear that guys awesome. as with regular drug addicts once they try it once, they keep coming back for more, well this blog addict is here to tell you he doesn’t have a problem with blogging it’s totally under control, I can stop at any red light, I want. and as with most addicts sometimes its hard to grasp their true intentions and sense.

Now to the horror remakes I haven’t gotten to yet.

Recommended titles to say away from.

Anything with Sarah Michelle Geller

Anything after Halloween 5

Anything that does n0t have a sequel named When A Stranger calls… Back.

Anything that cost over 100 million dollars to make.

When a friend tells you to see it at the movies and there born after 1992

Anyone who thinks there are no good movies before the 1980s, if you find anyone hit them.

Any The Grudge’s that aren’t subtitled and in English.

Anything that sounds remotely scary in the title, Skin Walkers for example,

Anything Promnight based.

Anything staring Paris Hilton, Ie House of Wax. If you want to see her die good movie for Paris Haters.

These are all horror movies to avoid.

Well lets see covered horror movies, addiction to blogging study, well lightly covered it mentioned some proffesionals in the field for more information on there research google it my friend.

As always don’t try this at home I am a trained professional.

The small print: Don’t try anything from this blog at home.

Stay strong in the struggle, Peace Out.


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  1. Awesome – really fantastic matter. I’m goin to blog about it likewise!

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