Welcome Travellers

Welcome to my blog, not my first blog, but we will get to that later, all you need to know is it’s my first blog of the season, by season, I mean year, by year I mean it’s been like two.

One thing you need to know, is that I would probably be classed as insane,Homer Lie

but who wouldn’t join me on my journey of discovery as I undertake it, I warn you it could be a rocky road of amazing and confusing moments, I tend to make my life as Bold and the Beautiful as possible, yeah I was with my mothers brothers sisters brothers sisters son, Sure lol.

From the 9th of Febuary I started a film course at Tafe NSW Hunter Street Campus, called Screen Certificate 4. So I will most probably tell you stuff I found out. So it’s an educational blog too keep that in mind.

dr_horribleDoctor Horrible a wonderful mix of comedy, love, superheroes and villans, Joss Whedon invites you into a world, where heroes don’t always win, this comedy musical web series is a great time for anyone especially A Joss Whedon fan, it’s a awesomely cheesy web series but in an awesome way.


Dollhouse is the last one I watched, It was an interesting mix of Scifi, Action and Drama, reminded me of a character heavy version of Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles, but that could just be because of Cameron from it, hot girls with guns gets votes no matter what, and in a series created by Joss, the man who made the imfamous sex destroying building scene in buffy, expect more girls with guns and more who knows what’s going to happen.

Well if you followed all that there may be hope for you yet. Thanks for visiting the blog of the worlds once newest blogger.



3 Responses to “Welcome Travellers”

  1. Your so awesome, you really are.

  2. liampaine Says:

    Yes I am Mr WordPress I really am.

  3. nickywhelan Says:

    hello hello

    I have indeed made a blog as you said I should though I don’t think you meant me to make one for the purpose it has gained so far lol

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