Coins a Serious Side?

Australia and New Zealand sister islands, brotherly mases, cousinly… well i think you get the picture, for nearly a century these two contires have been working together in the worlds eyes, but duking it out with each other. today came the final floor in Australia’s plan for island domination no more will Australia and New Zealand be considered the same place why you ask well New Zealand has………………… We will get back to that later.

So yesterday I got an Iphone one of Apples new inventions if you ask me Apple should be called Lemon, it seems that everything you get from them breaks or is virtually in repairable… Apple’s Iphone 3G 8GB Black, Apples aparently greatest phone of the 21st century. with all my dislike of this product you may ask why did Iget one of these, I swaped it for my 200 dollar Samsung.

Anyway back to the New Zealand, Yestesterday your’s truly found a startiling discovery, that even though most of the world think New Zealand is the 8th and 9th states of Australia, they have one thing that really upsets the status quo, New Zealand’s coins are magnetic, how may i have found this out?, see I work at Kmart, which for all my none Australian visitors is basicly like walmart, but it starts with a K, i dropped a coin on the dvd security case unlocker and the my amazement it stuck magnetic and inplace, now this blogger has no idea why NZ coins are magnetic, only that at this very moment 23 customers of mine on Thursday Night, may actually be reporting about this in their own blogs.

Again The once upon a time worlds newest blogger has no idea, how this is possible only that it upsets the status quo, if NZ get magnetic coins, I want fridge magnet coins that are actually magnets themselves.

To all my viewers out their stay strong in the struggle.

Peace Out,



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