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The Post about King Arthur, Mother and Relay for pink hairs.

Posted in Uncategorized on 14/03/2009 by liampaine

Okay, well i have been bad, i know I haven’t posted in a while, I will try and post more, I do enjoy posting muchly to all my humbled viewers, this is the best thing on radio since television.

Well lets start it with my morning, i woke up naturally, was in Deepwater shopping centre, looked at buying some frozen yogurt from Wendy’s love frozen yogurt, which may have increased by insaneness, but i went with a kabab, for breakfast and lunch, sorta a brunch at 11:30 anyway.

Anyway lets fastforward to Relay, Relay for life is an event run by The Cancer Council that takes place at Woywoy oval every year, we raise money for the fight against cancer, I will post how much we got when I ask either tommorow or monday. was over 300$ at last count though.

It was around 6:30 i went and bought a lightsaber as it’s clearly the coolest way to raise money for cancer concil, and the night was pretty uneventful, We ate some awesome salad and stuff, yes highschool has come back to my vocab against woot, anyway, it was around 8:30 i decieded to chug down two mothers and knight people with my lightsaver King Aurthur, Merlin and Knights of the poorly constructed round table style.

Before i got to the car and attempted public urination the whole time, thinking of when Jerry said he has urintimisitisis or how ever you spell it, in the Parking Lot episode.  laughing and hearing someone inside the car saying what am i doing then stareing at me then entire time i jumped in the car. zipper still half open and myself not relizing and meeting a girl i knew in highschool. oh and i almost forgot about the pink hair, well it was the Worlds Greatest shave day a few days before and I brought hair dye and forgot to do it so  tonight was the night, King Aurthur style with Pink hair. was a pretty awesome evening who says you need alcohol to have fun.

That’s about all, well until next time Peace Out. P.S. I haven’t made a pictured post for a while might add some pics of random things for you guys tommorow.