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Suddenly reliezing the dark name of my blog

Posted in Uncategorized on 16/11/2009 by liampaine

I’m suddenly realizing the dark name of my blog as it currently stands “The Random rumblings of a man, who is lost in a world of his own dark creation” is way to dark for my blog, it hasn’t even had a post with the slightest angst. oh well I might change it too something so mundane, so boring you will fall a sleep in the incredible relentlessness of its boredom.

I’m thinking I might just name it after yours truly after all this is how the blog started. A while ago now, I know I have been less the on top of posting lots, but I’m really busy and making excuses takes a lot of time.

– Liam


Been A While

Posted in Uncategorized on 13/08/2009 by liampaine

Welcome Back, It’s been a good few months since my last post, I would like to open this new season with a big explosion, but It wasn’t in the budget maybe Season Three.

What’s happening in my life now, did something happen to make me want to start posting again………

I’m going to try to keep checking in every few days, but don’t hold any breathes for me you could well die waiting.

The Post about King Arthur, Mother and Relay for pink hairs.

Posted in Uncategorized on 14/03/2009 by liampaine

Okay, well i have been bad, i know I haven’t posted in a while, I will try and post more, I do enjoy posting muchly to all my humbled viewers, this is the best thing on radio since television.

Well lets start it with my morning, i woke up naturally, was in Deepwater shopping centre, looked at buying some frozen yogurt from Wendy’s love frozen yogurt, which may have increased by insaneness, but i went with a kabab, for breakfast and lunch, sorta a brunch at 11:30 anyway.

Anyway lets fastforward to Relay, Relay for life is an event run by The Cancer Council that takes place at Woywoy oval every year, we raise money for the fight against cancer, I will post how much we got when I ask either tommorow or monday. was over 300$ at last count though.

It was around 6:30 i went and bought a lightsaber as it’s clearly the coolest way to raise money for cancer concil, and the night was pretty uneventful, We ate some awesome salad and stuff, yes highschool has come back to my vocab against woot, anyway, it was around 8:30 i decieded to chug down two mothers and knight people with my lightsaver King Aurthur, Merlin and Knights of the poorly constructed round table style.

Before i got to the car and attempted public urination the whole time, thinking of when Jerry said he has urintimisitisis or how ever you spell it, in the Parking Lot episode.  laughing and hearing someone inside the car saying what am i doing then stareing at me then entire time i jumped in the car. zipper still half open and myself not relizing and meeting a girl i knew in highschool. oh and i almost forgot about the pink hair, well it was the Worlds Greatest shave day a few days before and I brought hair dye and forgot to do it so  tonight was the night, King Aurthur style with Pink hair. was a pretty awesome evening who says you need alcohol to have fun.

That’s about all, well until next time Peace Out. P.S. I haven’t made a pictured post for a while might add some pics of random things for you guys tommorow.

New Beginnings

Posted in Uncategorized on 22/02/2009 by liampaine

Well, as you all know so much about myself so far and you have joined this one man on his Journey to Discover his epic destiny, I thought I would make a post about my new posting ability, I just got myself a Laptop Lenovo IdeaPad which is like 8, 9 or 10 Inches not sure exactly, but it’s portable, so if I find something I want you guys to know on the run, this blog is now going Live, you will hear news as it happens, this is a new Beginnings of my blog and furturing of my epic destiny.

In the interest of New beginngs i thought I would talk about Dollhouse’s Second episode, wow wasn’t it more action packed then last weeks Alpha plot is coming along quite nicely, the random segments of herself seem to be happening more frequent, I will never talk about the plot of the episode her, for spoiler issues i’m sure you don’t want to be spoiled, if you want to see it google it i’m sure you will find something.

Coins a Serious Side?

Posted in Uncategorized on 20/02/2009 by liampaine

Australia and New Zealand sister islands, brotherly mases, cousinly… well i think you get the picture, for nearly a century these two contires have been working together in the worlds eyes, but duking it out with each other. today came the final floor in Australia’s plan for island domination no more will Australia and New Zealand be considered the same place why you ask well New Zealand has………………… We will get back to that later.

So yesterday I got an Iphone one of Apples new inventions if you ask me Apple should be called Lemon, it seems that everything you get from them breaks or is virtually in repairable… Apple’s Iphone 3G 8GB Black, Apples aparently greatest phone of the 21st century. with all my dislike of this product you may ask why did Iget one of these, I swaped it for my 200 dollar Samsung.

Anyway back to the New Zealand, Yestesterday your’s truly found a startiling discovery, that even though most of the world think New Zealand is the 8th and 9th states of Australia, they have one thing that really upsets the status quo, New Zealand’s coins are magnetic, how may i have found this out?, see I work at Kmart, which for all my none Australian visitors is basicly like walmart, but it starts with a K, i dropped a coin on the dvd security case unlocker and the my amazement it stuck magnetic and inplace, now this blogger has no idea why NZ coins are magnetic, only that at this very moment 23 customers of mine on Thursday Night, may actually be reporting about this in their own blogs.

Again The once upon a time worlds newest blogger has no idea, how this is possible only that it upsets the status quo, if NZ get magnetic coins, I want fridge magnet coins that are actually magnets themselves.

To all my viewers out their stay strong in the struggle.

Peace Out,


The Addiction Phase

Posted in Uncategorized on 17/02/2009 by liampaine

Okay, so blogging becomes addictive it’s a proven fact, I have references. my next completely random post is about, Addiction to blogging and possible really bad horror movie remakes, but who knows what will happen.

Addiction to Blogging

barney-stinson-302Wow i’m doing titles that’s new. The Addiction to blogging is scientifically proven by a seinfeldist name Cosmo, he would know with 9 years in the field of science and various failed attempts, Doctor Cosmo Kramer has finally proven, that blogging is addictive and that condoms can be defective some of the time, with all this scientific proof, who would thekramerdoubt this man, the expert in the field, even since the humble beginnings of such blogged media. other references are Barney Stinson and I hear that guys awesome. as with regular drug addicts once they try it once, they keep coming back for more, well this blog addict is here to tell you he doesn’t have a problem with blogging it’s totally under control, I can stop at any red light, I want. and as with most addicts sometimes its hard to grasp their true intentions and sense.

Now to the horror remakes I haven’t gotten to yet.

Recommended titles to say away from.

Anything with Sarah Michelle Geller

Anything after Halloween 5

Anything that does n0t have a sequel named When A Stranger calls… Back.

Anything that cost over 100 million dollars to make.

When a friend tells you to see it at the movies and there born after 1992

Anyone who thinks there are no good movies before the 1980s, if you find anyone hit them.

Any The Grudge’s that aren’t subtitled and in English.

Anything that sounds remotely scary in the title, Skin Walkers for example,

Anything Promnight based.

Anything staring Paris Hilton, Ie House of Wax. If you want to see her die good movie for Paris Haters.

These are all horror movies to avoid.

Well lets see covered horror movies, addiction to blogging study, well lightly covered it mentioned some proffesionals in the field for more information on there research google it my friend.

As always don’t try this at home I am a trained professional.

The small print: Don’t try anything from this blog at home.

Stay strong in the struggle, Peace Out.

Welcome Travellers

Posted in Uncategorized on 17/02/2009 by liampaine

Welcome to my blog, not my first blog, but we will get to that later, all you need to know is it’s my first blog of the season, by season, I mean year, by year I mean it’s been like two.

One thing you need to know, is that I would probably be classed as insane,Homer Lie

but who wouldn’t join me on my journey of discovery as I undertake it, I warn you it could be a rocky road of amazing and confusing moments, I tend to make my life as Bold and the Beautiful as possible, yeah I was with my mothers brothers sisters brothers sisters son, Sure lol.

From the 9th of Febuary I started a film course at Tafe NSW Hunter Street Campus, called Screen Certificate 4. So I will most probably tell you stuff I found out. So it’s an educational blog too keep that in mind.

dr_horribleDoctor Horrible a wonderful mix of comedy, love, superheroes and villans, Joss Whedon invites you into a world, where heroes don’t always win, this comedy musical web series is a great time for anyone especially A Joss Whedon fan, it’s a awesomely cheesy web series but in an awesome way.


Dollhouse is the last one I watched, It was an interesting mix of Scifi, Action and Drama, reminded me of a character heavy version of Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles, but that could just be because of Cameron from it, hot girls with guns gets votes no matter what, and in a series created by Joss, the man who made the imfamous sex destroying building scene in buffy, expect more girls with guns and more who knows what’s going to happen.

Well if you followed all that there may be hope for you yet. Thanks for visiting the blog of the worlds once newest blogger.